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New Year, New Journey

January 21, 2011

I need to maintain a fairly fit lifestyle because of my connective tissue disorder that causes aneurysms. I’ve already had one, and am prone to more. High blood pressure and an unhealthy heart are serious issues for anyone, but even moreso for me. I am constantly reminded that my heart is not like everyone elses! It is so imperative that I am fully conscious of, and accountable for, my health.

I will be a high-risk pregnancy no matter what, but I do have SOME control going into the whole process. I know it is so important for me to be in tip top shape when my husband and I start trying to conceive. That is my goal for 2011. Two-fold, actually! One, to be in the best shape possible so I am able to become pregnant, and two, to maintain a healthy pregnancy and deliver a healthy, beautiful baby. (We’ll get to the post-pregnancy goals later…)

It won’t be easy, but we are beyond excited to start trying in the first half of this year!! I’ll update when I have something to update about! 😉

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