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Day 2 – What is “Coach Melissa” All About?

October 21, 2010

My blog name is more of an idea, than a title.  My name is Melissa, so that part is obvious, but the “Coach” part may need a little more explanation.

Crazy, almost unbelievable things have happened to me in my lifetime.  I’ve had pretty traumatic experiences, but keeping my chin up and with the support of God and those around me, I have been able to learn and grow and move on.

To me a coach is someone who roots for you from the sidelines, provides tough love when you need it, and who always has your back.  A role model, a teacher, an inspiration, a friend.  They’re there to motivate and support, and brush you off when you fall.  Life coaches, t-ball coaches, Varsity football coaches… they all make a difference in people’s lives.  I aspire to BE that, and I hope if I use the term enough, I will become it.

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Day 29- In this past month, what have you learned
Day 30- Who are you?


My Wedding Ring Doesn’t Fit…

October 17, 2010

  …because it’s too big!!

One of my very first, noticeable accomplishments during my weight loss journey (part deux) was the feeling of my beautiful wedding ring becoming more and more loose.  Thankfully, I hadn’t gained too much between my wedding and when I started my diet/exercise program, so we’re talking just a few weeks into it when I noticed this change. 

A small, insignificant thing to some, but a huge deal to me!  It was like dropping a dress size or something! 

Of course, my reaction was priceless; “Oh my gosh, honey!!  LOOKLOOKLOOK!  It’s too big!  I could flick my hand & it might fly off!”  That last part was NOT true, by the way, but you get the picture.

This is one of those things I’m always talking about!

Small goals

Baby steps

Make a big deal out of these little things, and you’ll find yourself noticing more changes, more often.  How motivating to celebrate every bit of progress, big or small!


Popping the Bubble

September 24, 2010

Recently, I’ve found myself trying to move outside of my comfort zone.  Trying new things and putting myself out there, harboring the risk of criticism and totally expecting it.  Starting a business that’s all about who you are, what you say and how you live is kind of terrifying.  I am trying to be an example to people!  I’m watching what I say, what I eat, who I’m talking to and networking with.  This is all to actually achieve the “bigger picture” I can see, but have yet to realize.

In addition to bearing my traumatic surgery story to the world wide web, I’ve also posted before and after weight loss pictures ONLINE, and, holy moly, now EVERYONE knows my weight!  This is all about courage.  I am actually about to record myself singing.  This is almost as traumatic as my surgery… ha.ha.

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