September 21, 2010
When I first started using Twitter, the second I used the words “Turbo Jam” in a status update I was swarmed with Beachbody “have you ever thought of becoming a coach?” messages.  I would say, no no, I am happy to just know that my journey is special & I’ll let my weight loss speak for itself.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t speak for itself.  No one hears the stories you don’t tell.  No one besides your circle of friends and family have any idea what you have gone through to get to where you are!  For me, my doctors know, and people who I meet through my friends have heard of me, but they don’t know that in addition to having this traumatic surgery, I also overcame and lost 30 pounds afterwards.  And they certainly don’t know I was once 200 pounds!
There are too many people out there who need to hear these types of stories; Who are just waiting to be inspired!  They are looking for, if not someone to relate to, someone who they can look at and go, “if she did it with those odds, then I can do anything!”
It took me a while to realize that I could advocate not only for people who had a significant amount of weight to lose – because I could relate to that, but I could also advocate for people who have health issues.  From simple to traumatic.  It’s too easy to use health problems as an excuse to become lazy.   My back hurts, my knees hurt, I only have one leg, I’m on oxygen… wheel that dang oxygen out the door and take a walk!!  You can do anything!  Just be smart about it.
Beachbody has become my platform to tell people beyond my family and friends about my own incredible journey.  These people know my story already, but there’s an entire world who has no idea that it exists!  I cannot sit around with the knowledge that I have!  That is selfish!  Everyone has their own special, remarkable journey and everyone should share it with the world.  Every single person deserves to hear it and needs to use it fuel their own fire and ignite their own passions!
Walk your journey, but share it along the way.  You may never know the lives you’ll touch.

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